Chandra Taal Lake- A Complete Guide you should know before your Visit

Chandra Taal Lake- A Complete Guide you should know before your Visit

Chandra taal may not be as large as other similar high altitude lakes in the area, but it is enormously beautiful. It is frequently referred to as the Spiti Valley's crown jewel and with good reason. You must spend at least one evening at Chandra taal in order for your trip to Spiti to be considered complete.

Regarding Chandra taal Lake

To give a brief overview, Chandratal also known as Chandra Taal, is a high-altitude lake found in the Himachal Pradesh area of Lahaul and Spiti. Due to the lake's crescent form, its name translates to "The Lake of the Moon," was given. It is where Chandra River originates, at a height of 4,300 meters.

On the banks of Chandratal, there are large meadows that the gaddi shepherds like to use to graze their animals. These meadows are covered in hundreds of different kinds of wildflowers in the spring, which draw tens of thousands of visitors. From early June until mid-October, Chandratal is open to visitors. It remains fully frozen from December to April.

Chandrataal lakePlanning a Visit to Chandra taal Lake

The majority of Chandratal is included on the itinerary for a journey to the Spiti Valley. This might be a 9 to 14 day event, depending on your plan. You begin your journey in Shimla, travel across the entirety of Spiti, and finish in Manali while passing through Chandratal. You might also complete the journey in reverse, beginning from Manali and ending in Shimla.

However, a number of travelers have started coming to Chandra taal exclusively in recent years to enjoy camping. Extreme off-roading chances are available on these roads, attracting thrill-seekers and motorbike aficionados. This can be accomplished quickly in 4-5 days, depending upon where you started. Both of the plans are excellent and have their own advantages and disadvantages. The information provided here will help you make the most of your time and money while in Chandra taal Lake.

Directions to Chandra taal Lake

First, let's look at how to get to Chandratal, and then I'll talk about the rest of the journey. A person can reach the lake in one of two methods.

The first route goes through Shimla, whereas the second goes through Manali. The lengthier Shimla route is ideal if you want to explore Chandratal as well as the rest of the Spiti Circuit. The best route to take if you are only planning to visit Chandratal and return the same way is via Manali.

Distance from Manali to Chandratal: 124 kilometers

Distance from Shimla to Chandratal: 530 km via Reckong Peo, Pooh, Kaza, and Batal

Distance from Keylong to Chandratal: 120 km

Distance from Gramphu to Chandratal: 70 kilometers

Distance from Kaza to Chandratal: 115 kilometers

Distance from Leh to Chandratal Lake: 485 kilometers

Except when traveling from Shimla or Ladakh via Keylong, the quickest method to get to Chandratal is via Manali. But going through Shimla is the simplest route. 

Chandra Taal

Observations at Chandratal Lake

Let's start by discussing Chandratal's attractions and why you should go there. The response to this query is that the area is naturally beautiful and that its roads are daring. There aren't any marketplaces or a tonne of things to do here. Just a quiet lake, surrounded by high, rising, snow-capped peaks, in the middle of nowhere. 

All you can do in this area is go on a walk, take in the scenery, go camping, take lots of pictures, and then come back.

However, Chandratal's main draw is this attraction alone. This is a serene, remote location that is ideal for introspection. It is far from society. One of the most exciting roads you've ever driven on, the trip to the lake will have your heart racing in multiple places.

Chandratal is therefore absolutely not for you if your notion of a holiday consisted of visiting congested hill stations, partying, dining out, and spending a lot of time shopping. 

But Chandratal is well worth your time and money if you want to spend some time away from the crowds, go hiking, camp in the forest, see some breathtaking nature, and have an adventure drive.

Freezing Chandra taal lake

Lake Chandra Taal Weather

The Freezing Chandratal's weather is best characterized as cold. Since there are glaciers all around the lake, there is always a coolness in the air. When staying the night here, even in July, you will be huddled under two blankets. Throughout the year, there is still a chance of snow, however it is much less likely from June through August. Chandratal is not a place you should visit if you don't like the cold too much.

Chandra Taal Lake Temperature

At Chandratal, the summertime average temperature is between 5 and 10 degrees Celsius during the day and 0 degrees Celsius at night. The average temperature in winter is -20 degrees Celsius.

Chandra Taal lake

When to go to Chandra Taal is best

Only from the first week of June to September is Chandratal accessible by road. There are some trekkers that come here between May and October, but lodging arrangements will need to be made at that time. Beginning the second week of June, all campgrounds open for business, and they close by the beginning of October.

You can only travel to Chandratal by road from the second week of June to the first week of October. In light of this, the best times to visit Chandratal are the first two weeks of September, early July, and the week of June 3rd and 4th.

You will be driving on pretty poor roads if you go in early June as soon as the route comes up. If you travel during the monsoon season (late July and early August), you will likely experience rain and the risk of landslides.

During the monsoon, there will be a lot of slushes and full-flowing water streams. It will start to get rather cold at night by late September.

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