Churdhar Trek is one of the most thrilling Trek near Chandigarh

Churdhar Trek is one of the most thrilling Trek near Chandigarh

The Churdhar Trek is located in Himachal Pradesh not far from Chandigarh, and Churdhar Mountain, at a height of 3655 metres, is the highest peak in the outside Himalayan range.

Another name for this peak is Churi-Chandni-Dhar. The region is named for Shri Chureshwar or Shirgul Maharaj because residents think that they formerly resided there.

Himachal Pradesh's Churdhar climb brings you to Churdhar Peak, which is named after Shri Chureshwar or Shirgul Maharaj, who is thought to have lived here in ancient times. Churdhar Peak is also known as Churi-Chandni-Dhar and is located close to Chandigarh. Due to its connection to "Shri Chureshwar Maharaj," Churdhar is revered as being holy and is home to many temples.

The iconic Himalayan peaks including Kinner Kailash, Shrikhand Mahadev, Kedarnath, and Badrinath are visible in an unbelievably clear view from the mountaintop. This journey, curving through numerous landscapes, is a treat for its travelers. The beginning portion of the trip is up a steep hill, and the latter few hours are through rainy weather. The breathtaking Churdhaar wildlife reserve is without a doubt the highlight of this excursion. The Himalayan Black Bear, Musk deer Lanhur, and other rare species of fauna pose a threat to this reserve.

Learn About the Churdhar Trek:

Churdar Trek

Experience Churdhar peak at its best.

Learn about the significance of the local myths that surround this location.

Discover Churdhar Wildlife Sanctuary's beauty.

Discover the many distant peaks visible from the top in a panoramic picture.

Interesting Views from the Churdhar Trek:

The vistas are incredible; they are a visual feast with their clarity. Kinner Kailash, Shrikhand Mahadev, Kedarnath, and Badrinath are the Himalayan peaks that can be seen.

Shimla, Kufri, Chakrata, Kasauli, and the Sutlej River are among the other stunning views.

Important Things of Churdhar Trek:

Need adequate equipment and apparel for temperatures below zero? Require proper bodily conditioning and training?

The most crucial piece of equipment is a pair of trekking shoes.

Correct preparation is necessary for high altitude.

Landscapes are beautiful, so bring quality photography equipment and extra batteries.

Move with less, not more than 10 kilograms should be in the backpack.

Important Highlights of Trek:

Length of Trek: 2 Nights 3 days to get there from Chandigarh adaptation and weather conditions)

Forest, high hills, make up the terrain.

Temperature: (25° to 15° C) and (18° to 12° C) respectively.

Elevation: 3655 m. 

Weather Conditions: Trek Weather Summits and peaks are covered in snow throughout the winter, while summers are warmer.

Best Time to Visit: Every Year

Trek Level: Moderate to Easy

Total Trek Distance: 23 km of trekking

Group: Minimum and maximum group sizes are 5 and 30, respectively.

(For those who want to arrange a private trip for their friends and family, we provide an alternative process.)

Plan a Short Churdhar Trek Routes

Day 1: Trek from Chandigarh to Jam Nallah (2855 m) and Nauradhar (2175 m) (7 km)

Day 2: Jam Nallah to Churdhar mountain (3655 m) and back (9 km) (9 km)

Day 3: Travel by car from Jam Nallah to Nauradhar (7 miles) and arrive in Chandigarh (130 km)

Trek's top points

Hikers will travel to the highest peak in the outer Himalayas on this trek. The trek officially starts in a little town known for its picturesque vacation destination, which is frequently congested during high season. The trail ascends steeply and occasionally crosses muddy ground before descending into the pine forests. The Jam Nallah campsite, which is surrounded by cedar and pine trees, offers trekkers the chance to camp beneath a starry sky.

Once at the top, trekkers can see the great and magnificent Himalayan peaks clearly and completely for the first time.

Things to watch for

Churdhar trek Peak

The experience will undoubtedly give you unparalleled sensations of accomplishment.

Discover the fascinating cedar and pine woodland.

the stunning vista of peaks blanketed in snow in the distance.

The elevation reached during the Churdhar trip

Nauradhar – 2175 m

Jan Nallah — 2855

Churdhar peak- 3655 m 

When to Go on the Churdhar Trek

Churdhar has a moderately challenging ascent and descent, both of which begin with steep ascents. These paths are best hikes in May, June, October, and November. This journey qualifies as a pre- and post-monsoonal season excursion because of the unfavorable temperatures and precipitation. The average daytime temperature is between 25 and 15 degrees Celsius, and the nighttime temperature is much lower.

Is trekking secure for beginners?

Camping in Chudhar Trek

Beginners' worries about the safety of the Churdhar trek are legitimate ones given the trek's location in a high-altitude region. If anything deviates from the plan, we have calculated all the conceivable probabilities. In order to provide trekkers, the greatest experience possible, all of our professionals give it their all.

We caution hikers to familiarize themselves with the trail and factor medical problems before beginning this beginner-friendly excursion.

Level of difficulty

We nevertheless advise a respectable level of fitness even though the top is rather typical in elevation. For beginners, it can be difficult to cross the 14–15 km distance in a short period of time. Prior to this trek, we strongly advise hikers to psychologically and physically prepare themselves. All groups will receive guidance from our specialists for trekking gear and potential terrain throughout the tour.

At any time along the route, any necessary medical aid will be given; however, trekkers must first contact their professional care.

Weather Circumstances

The time of year when hikers are traveling affects the weather. Months before and after the monsoon have mild daytime temperatures but much colder nights.

Important Items to Carry along with you

1) Because evenings at higher altitudes frequently experience significantly cooler temperatures, we advise wearing well-fitting, cozy clothing and shoes.

2) Even though we deal with medical emergencies, we advise people to have their emergency kits close by in the event of any underlying ailments.

3) Don't forget to bring your camera and additional batteries because the trip offers you a gorgeous vista of numerous peaks.

4) Our personnel will ask other trekkers about their bags and, if available, will help hikers acquire any necessary gear. As a result, only the necessary luggage should be brought.

Other trekking necessities: transactions and connectivity

1) We advise folks to complete all of their work in advance because accessibility along the route is unreliable.

2) Walkie-talkies will be given to hikers in advance in emergency situations.

3) Mundoli will have the last ATM transactions available, however we advise travelers to get cash ahead or while they are in Chandigarh as other ATMs may occasionally not dispense cash.

How to Get to Churdhar Trek

Getting to Delhi, the nation's capital, may be the initial and most crucial step if you are arriving from any major Indian city or from outside the country. You can get to Delhi using any of the main forms of transportation, including air, road, and rail.

All major forms of transportation connect Chandigarh with the majority of the country's largest cities. To ensure a smoother arrival, trekkers should thoroughly investigate their direct route of transportation.

Please take note of the following vital points: 

We do not offer timing plans for travel before Chandigarh. 

The scheduled times and availability of specific rides may vary depending on a number of factors. Trekkers are encouraged to contact our teams with any questions. 

For a free initial guided session, send us an email or give us a call.

At predetermined locations like bus stops, train stations, and airports, our teams will pick up hikers.

Trekkers are urged to be at their destinations at least two hours early, unless there is a delay.

What Himalayan hikers advise

Himalayan Hikers on trek

A camera, extra batteries, and memory cards are advised, as was already said. You will definitely be pausing frequently to take in the splendor of the hiking experience, we can assure you of that.

We strongly advise trekkers to get ready for the journey in advance. Trekkers will undoubtedly benefit from regular physical and mental endurance training while they make their journey.

We strongly advise trekkers to tag us on social media after the trek if they share any recollections. This will not only help us with our job but will also act as an inspiration for all of our specialists.

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