5 Easy Tips To Improve Your Travel Photography- Ngtraveller

5 Easy Tips To Improve Your Travel Photography- Ngtraveller

Do you want to improve your travel photography? Here are 5 simple tips to help you improve your travel photography. These tips are not complicated and can work with almost any camera.

Interesting Composition, Photography tips

Use Interesting Composition

One of the most important and easy ways to improve your travel photography is to take your time and think about your composition. Taking a well-formed photo will make your photo look more interesting and powerful. Some things to think about include:

Use of Main Fonts - Main fonts draw viewers' attention to the image. For this technique, frame the subject in the background and use the foreground element that starts in the foreground and leads to the background.

Frame Your Subject- You can use trees, architectural features, and other elements to frame your photo. This is especially useful when you have a cloudy sky, as it will become less clear later.

Using Reflections- Using Reflections will create a beautiful shapely photo. These types of photos work well on Instagram because they make the photo more balanced.

Using Foreground Elements and Creating Depth - This step involves making use of everything in your scene. You can use rocks, flowers, grass, and other objects in the foreground, with the main part of your image in the far part.

Using the rule of thirds- which involves dividing the image into 9 squares and then setting them up so that the interesting elements are at the intersections.

Pictures During the Best Light, Photography tips

Take Pictures During the Best Light

Most photographers like to take pictures in the golden hour. This occurs around sunrise, sunset, and blue hour, and taking pictures during this time can create images with great color.

I always use www.timeanddate.com for sunrise and sunset times, and when taking photos at this time make sure you have plenty of time to get to the site. If possible, it's also a good idea to explore locations beforehand, as you'll be able to spend more time making sure your equipment and setup are ready, rather than wandering around trying to find the perfect spot.

Photography tips, Tripod Photography

Take Photos at Night Using a Tripod

One of the best ways to take beautiful photos of destinations is to take photos at night. Many cities illuminate their buildings and monuments, so they look great in photos.

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When taking photos at night, you should use a high-quality travel tripod, a low ISO level, and long exposure whenever possible. This will allow you to create an image of the highest quality. When taking photos at night, you can also:

  • Capture light trails from passing vehicles
  • Make the water look flat and smooth.
  • Creates an interesting sky (when captured during the blue hour before it gets too dark)
  • Possibly capture the stars in your photos
  • Blur the people in the image
  • Add a cool element to your photo

Photography tips, best guide

Research Locations Before Travel

Before you hit the road, find good places to take pictures, such as reading blog posts about good prospects, looking at photos of photographers on Instagram, reading books, and looking for potential locations on Google Maps. Doing your research ahead of time will help ensure you don't miss any key photography spots.

photography tips, Photographs With Lightroom

Edit Your Photographs With Lightroom

Lightroom is one of the most powerful and easy-to-use photo editing applications out there. The program is designed in an easy way and packed with great features, allowing you to quickly edit your photos in the least amount of time. You can also create or purchase Lightroom presets that can speed up editing time and also create consistency between your photos. Lightroom is available for both desktop computers and as an app for your smartphone, although I prefer to use the PC version.

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