Over the years, The Mountain Company has organized hiking holidays for over 500 people who travel to Everest Base Camp in Nepal. We are an operator specialized in organizing Himalayan trekking in Nepal, Bhutan, India and Pakistan. In 2018, we won AITO's Best Tour Operator award according to our customers' feedback. Our CEO, Roland Hunter, ascended the summits of Mount Everest and Mount Makalu. From our first hand experience we have listed our 5 Tips to increase your chances of reaching Everest Base Camp below.

1. Join a longer Everest Base Camp trek itinerary.


You should have enough trekking days in your itinerary for necessary acclimatization to higher altitudes. Remember that you are ascending to the summit of kalapatar at an altitude of 5,545 metres, where there is only about half the partial pressure of oxygen compared to sea level. Almost everyone can acclimatize to the altitude, although it is necessary to ascend slowly. This gives your body time to adjust to the least available amount of oxygen.

Taking a very short trekking itinerary is the main reason why hikers turn around before reaching Everest Base Camp. Be careful as there are tour operators who take short trips for purely commercial reasons to sell you more vacations. The Everest Base Camp itinerary contains fourteen days of trekking and a total of nineteen days of arrival in Kathmandu. Hiking in just a few days can put you at risk of severe altitude sickness.

2. Walk at a slow pace.


You will hear Sherpa guides telling the group to walk "bistari" in Nepali which means slowly. You should reduce your walking speed compared to your normal speed at home. If you're puffing, you're walking too fast. You should walk at a steady pace for the duration of the flight. You should reach the hostel every afternoon without feeling too tired. It's best to maintain your energy and reserves for longer, more challenging days at higher altitudes.

3. Build your fitness level before departure.


You won't regret getting fit before starting your Himalayan hiking vacation. This will increase your chances of getting to Everest Base Camp and enjoying hiking as well. You don't have to be very fit to hike Mount Everest, and that's an achievable goal for most people as long as you follow our advice. One of the 5 Tips to increase your chances of reaching Everest Base Camp below.

After you book your hiking holiday with us, we will send you a training and fitness guide. Our guide is to do aerobic exercise at least three times a week. This could be going to the gym, running, swimming, or exercising at home. If your schedule doesn't allow it, try to walk more in your daily routine. You'll find that regular exercise is the best way to increase your fitness level.

The best Himalayan trekking training is to climb hills at home before leaving. We recommend that you make an effort to go for a weekend picnic before traveling to Kathmandu. You will find that walking for two days in a row is a good way to simulate the trekking experience.

4. Keep well hydrated.


You should drink fluids during the day and at night to stay hydrated. Good hydration helps the acclimatization process. It can be very hot below and you will likely sweat when going up the hills. At higher altitudes, you will have a higher respiratory rate even while at rest, so you will lose more moisture, especially when the air is cool and dry. Our advice is to drink at least a liter of water at night, from bedtime until before breakfast. When you go to urinate, your urine should be clear and abundant, otherwise drink more fluids!

We recommend carrying 2 bottles of Nalgene (1 liter each) in your backpack. You should also make sure to drink more fluids at meal times. It is a good idea to add electrolytes to water. We love Science In Sport tablets because they are calorie-free so they don't taste sweet.

5. Be careful what you eat and drink in Kathmandu.

Traveling in Nepal carries the risk of an insect infestation that may lead to diarrhea in travelers. You can reduce this risk by eating at the high quality tourist restaurants in Kathmandu. You should only drink bottled water. Don't drink water straight from the tap and remember this even when brushing your teeth. It is also a good idea to carry hand sanitizer with you. This is the most Imprtant 5 Tips to increase your chances of reaching Everest Base Camp below.

It is important to eat enough while hiking for nutritional reasons. When hiking at higher altitudes, you'll burn a lot of calories during the day and night. Take a look at the menu at Teahouse lodge, where food options are standard throughout the trip. Find some dishes that you enjoy eating and do your best to finish your plate. You can complement the main meals by bringing snacks in your backpack. This helps maintain your energy level throughout the day and gives you a boost when you need it.

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