Is Hong Kong Govt. giving away 5Lakh Free Tickets? Let's find inside story

Is Hong Kong Govt. giving away 5Lakh Free Tickets? Let's find inside story

The Hong Kong airport management pre-purchased five lakh tickets almost two years ago, and they've confirmed today their intention to give those out for free. As the Asian island begins to open its doors to tourism once more, the goal is to compensate customers who use Hong Kong Airlines' services. The free tickets have a total estimated value of $2,100 crore (two billion Hong Kong dollars).

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Hong Kong received roughly five crore visitors annually. However, over the last two years, Hong Kong has imposed some of the strictest regulations, hurting its airline industry. Even though the government in Hong Kong stopped requiring an accommodation quarantine period for travelers in September, there are still rules in place for foreign visitors. 

Giving away free tickets will speed the process of regaining Hong Kong's status as a top tourism destination, claims Prudence Lai.The BBC got informed through the senior analyst at market research corporation EuromonitorInternational that Hong Kong's pre-Covid situation represented the market opportunity of a full comeback. 

This heavily relies on when mainland Chinese visitors return, she continued, as mainland China makes up a majority of Hong Kong's incoming landings and travel receipts.

How to apply for free tickets to Hong Kong?

Free Tickets

Since Hong Kong intends to issue the free tickets next year, there is no credible data regarding how to apply for such free seats. Travelers who are making both inbound and outbound trips will be given tickets by the Hong Kong airport authorities. Both inbound and outbound tourists can be given tickets via Hong Kong airport authority.But no timetable has been set up as of yet.

What is the justification for Hong Kong's purchase of these tickets from local domestic airlines? Is it a part of a relief effort to support the aviation sector?  

The city is getting ready to welcome more visitors now that the stringent regulations put in place during the Corona era in Hong Kong have been lifted.

Reason is Corona drew less visitors. 

Due to its Covid-19 regulations, Hong Kong was largely sealed off from the rest of the world. During this time, visitors to Hong Kong were expected to pay for and occupy a hotel room for 21 days. wherein only residents of Hong Kong are permitted admission. It was shortened from seven to three days. 

On September 26th, it was officially abolished. People were then encouraged to visit airline websites to make flight reservations after this.

Follow these guidelines apply in Hong Kong.


Since the Corona era, several regulations have been eliminated. Nevertheless, visitors visiting Hong Kong are subject to a number of regulations. For instance, foreign visitors to Hong Kong are required to present a pre-flight vaccination certificate, a negative PCR report, etc. before entry. after being given permission to do so. Three days of self-monitoring are required of visitors, during which they aren't permitted to eat in restaurants or visit bars. A PCR test must be completed on day 2, 4, and 6 following the arrival, and a fast diagnostic test must be completed each day for seven days.

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