Kayaking in Goa- Best Spots to do Some Amazing Water Activities

Kayaking in Goa- Best Spots to do Some Amazing Water Activities

All visitors to Goa can enjoy the clean waters of the Arabian Sea and the golden beach that surrounds it. Goa is a top destination, especially for one who loves water activities. In Goa, you may participate in a variety of activities on the river and the sea. Kayaking in Goa is one of  most unwinding activities since it helps your body and mind relax. Kayaking is possible in a number of breathtaking sites in Goa, including backwaters and beaches.

A truly new and thrilling way to discover Goa's magnificent golden coastline is by sea kayaking. Similar to this, river kayaking offers the chance to experience the dense mangroves of Goa from a new perspective.

Check out some of the Amazing Kayaking in Goa

Kayaking At Exotic Sunset In Backwaters

Sunset Kayaking in Goa

When it comes to sunsets, Goa is one of the select few locations that offers the most breathtaking colors in the sky, which will wow you whether you are alone or with a loved one. So embrace the opportunity to paddle along the small canals while viewing a spectacular sunset across Goa's dense vegetation.

Location: The Chapora River backwaters are the most well-liked area for kayaking in goa. At least two hours can be spent admiring the colorful scenery. If you look closely, the extensive mangroves have a lot to offer. Different tour companies offer various programmes and kayaks. Be well-informed about the requirements and safety measures you must follow before enrolling in this activity.

Pricing: The most popular package that should be reserved starts from Rs. 1200 to Rs. 1600 per head and involves two hours of the tour with the necessary safety gear as well as adequate instructions before the tour begins. There are numerous tour operators in Goa that offer various packages at various pricing. 

Kayaking in Goa at The Enchanting Moonlight

Moonlight Kayaking

Only a select few people ever get the chance to go kayaking at night. Take your partner's hand as you head toward the breathtaking vista of the lake relaxing in the silvery moonlight. The majority of the time, this tour takes place three days before and three days following the full moon.

Location: The most well-liked spots for moonlight kayaking are Bambolim and Palolem, and it lasts for three hours. To avoid hassles when making memories with your beloved one under the stars, make sure you are fully informed about how to use all the equipment.

Pricing: Read the inclusions very carefully before signing up for nighttime kayaking in goa with any operator. For shorter or longer tours, there are travel companies who provide various packages at various prices. Although it could cost a little more, your trip may include snacks, fruits, and juice that you pack. The ideal value for this journey may range from Rs. 1500 to Rs. 1800 depending on a number of factors.

Using a Kayak in Baga Creek

Kayak in Creek goa

The sleepy creek, a tiny stretched tidal part more widely known as the Baga creek, is the closest and greatest location for kayaking in Goa. Visitors can enjoy some stunning sights there. It is a short distance that provides a view of the stunning sunset and the brilliant sky. The water is calm and transparent.

Location: Baga Creek may be the closest location for kayaking, drawing many adventurers to sign up for this activity. Baga is easily reachable by all means of transportation, and because it is a straightaway, you can even participate in racing with friends. Prepare yourself for a kayaking tournament at Baga Creek by doing so.

Pricing: The kayaking tour at Baga Creek is extremely reasonably priced. It might cost anywhere from Rs. 500 to Rs. 800 and continue for 60 minutes. You can choose a single or double kayak based on your interests because the operators have both types available. So get ready for an awesome kayaking experience whenever sunrise or sunset occur.

Using a Kayak at Mobor Beach

Kayaking on motor beach

Kayaking in Goa is an unrivaled way to connect with nature, as we all know. Mobor Beach in the southern part of Goa, in the clear waters of the Arabian Sea, is another lovely place for this activity. With its breathtaking views, the beauty of this sea will encompass you for all of time.

Location: This beach can be found in South Goa at Mobor Beach, which is close to both the airport and the railway station. Mobor Beach is well known for its beautiful scenery, particularly around dusk.

Pricing: Available from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, the package can be reserved for kayaking at Mobor Beach or the Sal River. It may be readily reserved right at the beach for a cost of between Rs. 500 and Rs. 800 per person, which includes safety gear, equipment rentals, and an activity briefing.

Kayaking  in Goa at a Backwater near Sylvan Siridao

mangroove kayaking in goa

For all water lovers and those looking for adventure, Sylvan Siridao is the ideal location. Goa contains undiscovered areas that should be visited. If you can see it, each site has a unique charm of its own. One method to experience nature's calm and opportunity to get one with it is through kayaking. The peace itself is beautiful. Therefore, you must attempt kayaking in Goa at Sylvan Siridao's backwaters if you want to experience it all.

Location: Kayaking takes place in the Zuari River's backwaters, which are renowned for their breathtaking sunset views.

Pricing: A group must consist of at least 4 people in order to schedule a tour. A group of four people would pay between Rs. 5500 and Rs. 7500, which would cover the cost of the kayaks, safety gear, and three hours of paddling.

There would be a briefing before the tour started.

The best five kayaking in Goa are listed above, but there are a lot more. Before signing up for any vacation with any travel company, don't miss to do your research. Also, make sure you have your goggles, hats, sunscreen, and other accessories on you. Wearing loose clothing could make the activity uncomfortable, so avoid doing so.

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