Leh to start unlock process in phased manner from tomorrow

Leh to start unlock process in phased manner from tomorrow

With the number of active cases declining in Ladakh, the administration in the Union Territory has decided to ease certain Covid restrictions as part of a gradual unlocking process from June 7 to June 14. Now Leh to start unlock process.

Leh District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) chief Shekant Souse has issued new guidelines to allow businesses to cover almost all sectors at the end of the "coronavirus curfew".

The PTI news agency quoted an official as saying that the decision was taken after extensive deliberations and detailed assessment of the COVID situation in the region

Leh to start unlock process

Under the new rules, the government has allowed development activities and construction work where workers are staying at the workplace, in accordance with Covid safety protocols.

Restaurants can only operate with home delivery services, while hotels can operate dinner services with a seating capacity of 30% for indoor guests.

For the movement of non-essential vehicles, the zone administration will start a single / even system with a seating capacity of 50%.

In addition, public transportation, private offices, hair salons, barbershops, barbershops, spas and gyms will remain closed until new orders are received. Leh to start unlock process

The slack will not be extended or applied in areas reported as buffer zones.

In addition, Kargil DDMA Chairman Santosh Sukhadeve also issued an order to extend the "coronavirus curfew" in the region until 7 am on June 14. Leh to start unlock process

The order states that there will be no restrictions on activities already permitted, including development and construction work in conjunction with mining activities.

Agricultural activities, including establishments that handle agricultural inputs, tools and implements, will be allowed in strict compliance with the Covid-19 Standard Operating Procedures, while e-commerce and the delivery of essential goods and services, including food, will be allowed unhindered.

Leh to start unlock process

And all social, religious, political, cultural, and sports gatherings will remain prohibited until further notice, according to the order.

Sukhdev has also released a list of different types of stores to facilitate the availability of different items for people and detailed instructions for merchants and freight forwarders who transport essential items.

Cases in UT

Ladakh recorded 71 new cases of COVID-19, bringing the number to 19,147, while another death brings the number to 195, authorities said Sunday.

The new death was reported from Leh on Saturday. Officials said the county has so far recorded 141 coronavirus-related deaths, while the death toll from the pandemic has reached 54 in the Kargil district.

They said 58 of the new cases were in Leh and the remaining 13 were in Kargil.

Officials said the number of active cases in UT has fallen to 1,170,986 in Leh and 184 in Kargil, where 254 Covid patients have discharged in the past 24 hours.

They added that the number of recoveries from Covid-19 is 17,782 in Ladakh.

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