7 Places in India to go backpacking on a budget

7 Places in India to go backpacking on a budget

Do you want to go backpacking on a budget? Check out these places in India where you can travel on a budget and have the experience of a lifetime.

1. Jaisalmer


Also known as the Golden City of India, it is a wonderful land of Havelis, sand dunes, and beautiful Jain temples. You can even go on a camel safari and examine Jaisalmer Castle, all at affordable prices.

2. Rishikesh


Being the birthplace of yoga, this place attracts many spiritual seekers. It is also an ideal place to enjoy affordable adventure activities if you are not interested in yoga and meditation.

3. Gokarna 


Although popular for being a pilgrimage destination, you can witness the hippie lifestyle that is still alive, with the less crowded and clean beaches. Finding mid and mid-budget hotels is not difficult here.

4. Goa


Not sure where to go when in Goa? Choose Anjuna in North Goa, where you can enjoy your vacation without burning your pocket.

5. Varanasi


Love it or hate it, Varanasi is a place you must visit once in your life. Here, you will find various Hindu rituals, which are performed along the banks of the river.

6. Hampi


Here you will find inexpensive guesthouses to suit your needs. Hampi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, known for the ruins of palaces and temples, is a must-see for every traveler.

7. Dharamshala


It is an ideal destination for both nature lovers and adventure lovers. Apart from the stunning views, you can even choose accommodation that will cost you around INR 200 per day.

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