Significance of sakura:Japanese cherry blossom Traditions in japan

Significance of sakura:Japanese cherry blossom Traditions in japan

Spring is coming in a few months! Cherry blossoms grow around the National Mall and Potomac Park in Washington DC. In Japan, sakura is called sakura and is an important flower for peoples and nations.

cherry blossom

The Japanese cherry blossom is a symbol of spring, a time of renewal and a younger age. His life is too short. The flowers start falling two weeks after flowering.

In this season in Japan people like to do flower party with their friends, family and friends. Japanese Cherry blossom makes people happy. Eat, drink and grill under the cherry blossoms. We are called Hanami. Hanami means "vision of flowers" and the tradition is traced back about a thousand years. Serve baked goods, wines, snacks and desserts at the potluck. During the Hanami era, receptions are held in schools and offices where people can meet new friends.

Even at night, groups of people enjoy flowers in a beautiful romantic atmosphere. At night, the couple went out to relax with a special breeze made of japanese cherry blossoms. At night, Hanami is called Yuzakura.

Hanami is called yuzakura, where the trees are illuminated at night. Photo: Kazuchi Grove
The beauty of japanese cherry blossoms lasts only a few weeks from the end of March to the beginning of April. 

Hunami Restaurant in Tokyo. Ashigaki Tomoko. picture for
Schools in the United States begin in the spring, but the fiscal year begins in Japan in April, which is summer. Cherry blossoms are in bloom to celebrate our new beginnings. There are cherry trees outside many schools and businesses. This is why the Japanese cherry blossom is very special.

I have very good memories of my parents, siblings since childhood. Mom made a special Hanami bento filled with our favorite food. My father was sitting comfortably in the famous park where blankets were laid out under the blooming grass.

Now I want to go to Hanami with close friends to enjoy flowers, but not if I go with a lot of friends or coworkers, especially wine.

Cherry trees are spread across the world in other Asian countries like USA, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Turkey, Spain, UK, Australia etc. We are lucky to have thousands of cherries around the pool in Washington DC.

In 1912, the Japanese moved 3,020 trees from Yokohama to Washington DC as a gift to the American people. This year's Spring Sakura Festival is celebrating 102 years of Sakura Gifts.

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