Thailand will resume non-quarantine travel from February 1.

Thailand will resume non-quarantine travel from February 1.

There is good news for travelers looking to travel to Thailand in 2022. According to the latest report, Thailand will resume its non-quarantine itinerary for international travelers from February 1. In this regard, the officials concerned said that the number of tourists has come down significantly after the parade was postponed due to the sudden increase in the number of omechrons.

The report said that passengers who have been fully vaccinated will now be able to enter the country by testing and transport mode and will have to check their code on the first and fifth day of arrival. Taweesin Wisanyuthin, spokesman for the country's COVID-19 task force, said.

Therefore, passengers awaiting test results will have to isolate themselves in hotels and download a monitoring app to ensure that they are following the rules. In an effort to boost the country's economic performance, Thailand launched a test and vehicle project in November as an alternative to the two-week hotel quarantine.

The event was postponed until the end of last month after reports of an increase in cases of omechron in the country, but the number of hospitalizations did not increase, the spokesman said, adding that the event had resumed. . They will keep an eye on him. He said that if the situation changes or there is further change, the incoming passengers will be re-screened and the security measures will be changed.

Launched last year, the sandbox program allows fully vaccinated visitors to spend seven nights at designated destinations such as Phuket Island Resort before moving on to the rest of Thailand.

According to estimates by the Ministry of Tourism, Thailand is expected to attract about 5 million foreign tourists in 2022, which is about 40 million less than the pre-epidemic level.

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