Now Thailand to charge a fee of 9$ from foreign tourists

Now Thailand to charge a fee of 9$ from foreign tourists

Thailand has decided to set new standards for foreign tourists before April 2022. According to the new rules, Thailand is ready to take 300 baht or 9$ rice from foreign tourists. Begins in April. Thailand is considered Asia's biggest tourist destination and foreign tourist entry rates are being used to treat the travel industry hit by the pandemic.

Thailand, which is heavily dependent on tourism, received 200,000 tourists last year alone, up from 40 million in 2019.

Thai Tourism Authority governor Yothasak Suprasorn said a part of the quota would be used to host tourists. “We are facing a crisis when tourists are not insured, taking care of them has become a burden for us.

The new taxes paid by foreign tourists include a list of Covid-related costs, such as Covid testing, hotel stays or vacations, and insurance of $50,000 or more for treatment covid. 

Thailand has suspended non-separable passports to protect itself from the proliferation of the new Omicron brand. This rate is applicable from April this year, the hearing of which is going on for several days.

9 more will be added to the ticket price and included in the annual tourism plans of the Thai government. Tourism activities are expected to pick up this year after two years of tragic tourism. It is estimated that five to 1.5 million foreigners will visit Thailand this year.

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