The long-awaited Super Mario Park just opened in Japan

The long-awaited Super Mario Park just opened in Japan

After months of delays in the spread of the COVID pandemic, the much-anticipated Super Nintendo World theme park has opened in Japan. Featuring a Peach Castle, a "Mario Kart" rides in a realistic Bowser Castle, a Yoshi ride, and more, this park was opened to delight fans around the world.

The park appears to be straight out of the classic Super Mario games, which offer a bright, block-like setting and is part of the Universal Studios Japan theme park in the western city of Osaka.

Ayumu Yamamoto, Director of Marketing Communications at USJ, said they did their best to recreate the game world perfectly so that visitors are amazed to find life-size piranha and Bowser and have the opportunity to see what Mario looks like.

He added that the opening of this place has been postponed for a year due to the Covid pandemic.

The new area, called Super Nintendo World, was initially expected to attract large crowds last year before the Tokyo Olympics 2020, but then this was postponed due to the Coronavirus.


Its launch appears to have been delayed in February, which was postponed again when the Japanese government declared a state of emergency in early 2021 to curb overtaking.

Visitors can resonate with music from the popular Mario games to be played throughout the park, while the bracelet attached to the smartphone will allow them to collect virtual coins through the grip of the blocks, just like the Italian plumber.

In addition, the main attraction of this place will be augmented reality goggles, which are attached to a red plastic visor and used to ride in Mario Kart and promise to revive the racing game.

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