The World's Best Airlines in 2021 - NgTraveller

The World's Best Airlines in 2021 - NgTraveller

The World's Best Airlines of the Year have been announced by, the world's only website for safety, products and ratings for COVID-19. Its Airline Excellence Awards feature a panel of aviation experts who analyze everything from airline ratings to COVID-19 measures and environmental leadership to determine the absolute best. Each of the following received the highest scores for safety, COVID-19 procedures, and quality. Can you guess which airline won the Airline of the Year award?

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways was named Airline of the Year for a variety of high marks in aviation innovation, pandemic safety measures, operational safety, the pursuit of excellence and environmental leadership. World's Best Airlines of the Year. It also won Best Business Class, Best Inflight Catering, and was named the Best Long-Distance Airline in the Middle East/Africa.

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand has been named Best Premium Economy Class for the third year in a row. It has also been awarded Best Economy Class and has been rated as the Best Pacific Long-Distance Airline.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines has been ranked Best First Class again for the third consecutive year! It has also been rated as the best long-haul airline in the Asia/Pacific regions.


Qantas has been ranked the best regional airline in the world; It works outside Australia. It was also honored for having the best lounges and the best home service, both of which it has received over the past three years. This one is the World's Best Airlines of the Year


Emirates won Best Inflight Entertainment for the third year in a row, offering more than 4,500 channels, language learning services with uTalk, as well as music, podcasts and Wi-Fi.


Southwest Airlines has been named the Best Low-Cost Airline in America. While allocating seats may not be fun, the pricing is.

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