Top Travel Tips for Sri Lanka

Top Travel Tips for Sri Lanka

If you are planning to visit Sri-lanka and confused about the basic things to keep in mind, don’t worry we are here to let you know about few important points to keep in mind before visiting.

If you are planning to visit Sri-lanka and confused about the basic things to keep in mind, don’t worry we are here to let you know about a few important points to keep in mind before visiting.

So let’s get started with the basics.

Carry cash:

Always carry local currency while traveling to any country. This is the first rule to be considered. Big shops and hotels accept cards also but having local currency is most preferable while visiting Sri-Lanka. There are a lot of money exchange points and desk within banks and also at Colombo airport. Else, after each transaction, the fee will be around 300-500 LKR. Try to compare price at least at 2-3 money exchange before settling at one. Some money exchange points charge more than usual.

Try local food:

Sri-Lankan food is something you must focus on. Some of the best delicacies are found in the small guesthouse kitchens. 

Sri-Lankan food is delicious. Some of the famous dishes are Bowl-shaped hoppers are a highlight, though they are typically only served first thing in the morning or late afternoon. Rice and curry is a lunchtime affair, while kottu rotty is only available during the evening. 

Prefer tuk tuks or autos:

Well, you cant find uber outside Colombo. So tuk tuks are the best when you are traveling for short distances. They are easily available. you need to bargain with them a bit as they sometimes ask for unreasonable prices. Bring them down to LKR 200 for a short distance (up to 3 km) and LKR 500 for slightly longer distances like up to 7-8 km. If you can try for more give it a short to bargain more than this.

Go north to avoid crowds:

If you wanted to avoid crowd do explore the North region. Formerly off-limits, the country's Northern Province is prime territory for those who want to roam off the beaten path. Once a Tamil Tiger stronghold, it was one of the last areas on the island to reopen to tourists, and has yet to succumb to the same wave of hotels, resorts and other developments – or to receive the same flurry of foreign visitors. If you’re after deserted golden beaches, remote temples, and colonial port towns – go north. It is worth giving a try and explore.

Consider Colombo:

With the jazz clubs and rooftop bars and internationally acclaimed restaurants, Colombo have it all. It is a perfect getaway city since it offers a lot of sightseeing and breathtaking views but one can just sit and relax and just savor the delicacies it offers. Watch families fly kites on Galle Face Green at sunset. Then cheer for the national cricket team at the R Premadasa Stadium, or observe grandmothers swathed in vivid saris bargain with stallholders at Pettah Market.

Buy a local sim at the airport:

You can buy a local Sim at the airport premises as some hotels do not provide you the local sim.
So be clear about it and be prepared for it. As you need it to do anytime WhatsApp calls and also all the time network to access and search a lot of stuff over the net.
Focus on tropical fruits:
The country is well known for its tropical fruits to offer. You will always find fruits in your every meal. The banana quality of the place is very different as they are very small in size and tastes so much different.
Plan around the season:
Planning around the peak season is very important. If you are interested in climbing Adam’s Peak then you should visit the place around December-May. Out of these reasons, there are chances that tea shops that line the path will be closed. So planning does play a very crucial role while planning to this place.

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