Tourists must take a booster dose of vaccine to enter Hawaii

Tourists must take a booster dose of vaccine to enter Hawaii

Hawaii's Governor David Ige announced changes to the state's guidelines for safe travel. To come to Hawaii, the tourist must take a booster dose of the vaccine.

To come to Hawaii, the tourist must have a booster dose of the vaccine, so that the quarantine period of Hawaii can be skipped.

A year has passed since the introduction of the COVID vaccine, and the government is still trying to figure out what the term "complete vaccine" means.

Earlier this week, Hawaii's Governor David Ige announced changes to the state's guidelines for safe travel. He said the update indicates that passengers traveling by air need to present additional evidence for a shooter to be fully vaccinated.

However, Governor David Ige has confirmed that road safety improvements will be announced in the next few weeks.

“We know we need time for the community to respond, so we have to give people at least two weeks to update,” he told reporters at Honolulu Star Champion this week Vaccination if necessary. 

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What are the requirements to enter Hawaii?
Air immigration rules now require all citizens (from other US states and territories) to undergo a vaccination or a COVID-19-negative test before departure to avoid screening. five days apart.

Here's a detailed guide on how to get to Hawaii:

Domestic tourists arriving in Hawaii must self-isolate for 5 days upon arrival in the state without prior screening and vaccination.
According to the CDC guidelines, the isolation continued till January 3-10.
Visitors can demonstrate that they have been fully vaccinated to meet isolation and testing requirements.
Passengers can securely post documents on travel websites, print them before departure and display them on paper upon arrival. Alternatively, travelers can obtain a digital vaccination certificate through their digital health passport partners (Azova, Clear, CommonPass).
Passengers who do not confirm that they have been vaccinated may test negative for COVID in the air.

All valid COVID travel tests must be obtained from a state-approved test and travel partner 72 hours prior to departure for Hawaii. Digitally validated test results will also be obtained from digital health card partners as per government guidelines for flights.
Passengers must submit the test result on the Safe Travel website or print it before departure and show a paper copy on arrival.
If you are flying directly from an international destination, travel restrictions in the United States will apply at departure.


You can view the official guide here.

Need more travel equipment in 2022?

As the virus spread and new strains around the world led to travel cancellations and delays, it appeared that reforms were underway to ban travel in the United States and beyond.


US The Centers for Disease Control is currently investigating people who have received a full (two-dose) full-dose vaccine or a single dose of a single vaccine, such as Pfizer or Modernaor or the single required dosage of a one-shot vaccine like Johnson & Johnson.

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US Or states must now have a complete vaccine (guaranteed in two or one dose) to enforce travel restrictions in all international hotels and eliminate isolation systems or additional testing requirements. No further vaccination is required.

However, in the past few weeks, several countries around the world have added to the list of entry requirements for international visitors.

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