How to Store Your Luggage When You Travel- Ngtraveller

How to Store Your Luggage When You Travel- Ngtraveller

When traveling, you will often find yourself needing to store your luggage. This could be before you can check into your accommodation or after departure and before your next flight. Sometimes you can leave your bags in a hotel or hostel, but this is not possible in all types of accommodation.

You can also visit some place during the day (or a few hours) where you don't even need a place to stay during your visit.
Fortunately, there are many options in many destinations where you can leave your bag and other items. These are the best places to store your luggage when traveling.

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At your accommodation

If you are staying overnight in a hotel or hostel (and sometimes other types of accommodation), you should be able to leave your luggage there. This can be before checking into your room or after checking out. This is a common service offered by most hotels and hostels.

However, if you are staying in an apartment or in a camp and various other types of accommodation, you may not be able to leave your luggage, because they do not have the facilities available or because they must be prepared for incoming guests.

So if storing your bag is important to you while traveling, make sure you've checked your accommodation beforehand to see if it's possible. If this is not possible, consider using another option like the following.

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At a storage location booked through a specialist online service

A great way to find places to store your luggage is to use an online service. There are many services available in association with stores, hotels, and other storage facilities, which can help you find and reserve that storage. Some of the options include:

Stasher: Stasher provides an easy and inexpensive way to find places to store your bags. These include locations such as hotels, shops, and other businesses where you can store your travel luggage. Although it is not available in all destinations, it currently covers 150 cities and four continents and has more than 800 storage points. Your bags will also be insured up to £ 1,000 (€ 1,000 in Europe).

LuggageHero: LuggageHero has over 1,100 locations in 40 cities in Europe and the US They charge an hourly rate of £ 1 per hour, plus a one-time processing fee. Plus, your bags are insured for up to £ 2,200.

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Nannybag: Nannybag is part of a large network and currently offers more than 10,000 luggage storage spaces in 500 cities. You will also book a flat rate and each suitcase is insured up to € 1,000.

In luggage storage facilities in stations

If you are traveling through a large city, you will sometimes find luggage storage options at train stations and airports. For example, in London you will find a company called Left Luggage that allows you to reserve storage space in advance, or even spend the day. Similar to the other options mentioned above, it is always a good idea to check what is available at your destination before you travel if you have to leave your luggage somewhere.

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Things to Consider When Storing your Bags

Some important things to consider when storing your luggage include:

Price: How much will you pay in total for storage? Hourly rates are fine, but if you're out for a full day or more it can add up.

Ratings and Reviews: When choosing where to store your luggage, we recommend that you refer to the reviews. This is even more important if you don't use a hotel / hostel to store your bags.

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Access availability: It is very important to know what access you have to collect your bags when you need them. For example, if you are going out all day and you intend to collect your bags before a bus trip or an overnight flight, the last thing you want is to find the storage facilities closed or unavailable.

Insurance: What insurance does the service provider offer in case your luggage is lost or theft occurs?

Customer Service: What customer service options are available if you need help.


Your travel luggage can sometimes be a hassle to travel when you don't have a place to store it. However, with the options now available, this means that in many destinations and accommodations, you should be able to store your bags safely as the day progresses and you enjoy the place you are visiting. We always recommend that you always try to use your accommodation if it offers these facilities and you should find almost all hotels and hostels.

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