Jamaica will repeal many quarantine rules during tourist season

Jamaica will repeal many quarantine rules during tourist season

Unlike other sunny regions, which are rushing to tighten their borders and restore the now known limits of social life, Jamaica will not announce closures this season or any time soon.


As one of the strictest states in the Caribbean, as for anti-pandemic travel rules, many expected Jamaica to tighten its COVID mandate, especially as the newly formed Omicron and IHU, like the new version of the borders, broke it.

However, this may not happen since the last statement of the Prime Minister.


It's official: Jamaica is no longer under lockdown

Caribbean enthusiasts were surprised earlier this week when Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness quickly quashed rumors that the island would be restarted in quarantine. And with the election of the Prime Minister, that time is behind us.

At a news conference, he urged everyone to "calm down" and ruled out calling off both Jamaica and future holidays this season or in the future.

“I was very clear in Parliament; "To be honest, it was too much to say that we will not return to isolation, so calm down," he said.


However, Holnes clarified the role of the vaccine in the government's decision to completely lift a future blockade to immunize the islanders.

What does the PM's statement mean to American tourists?

Fortunately, for American tourists and other foreigners who have booked travel to Jamaica in the near future, national officials are calling for a new immediate shutdown.
During the crisis, many travelers suffered severely as governments immediately imposed restrictions and other restrictive measures, throwing holiday plans into chaos and further damage to the tourism industry.

Despite its neighbors' strict border policy, Jamaica's new attitude of isolation will undoubtedly increase the confidence of Americans and Canadians who aren't convinced it's a safe place to think.

Indeed, Jamaica's Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett described tourism in a British Sky News interview as an important "engine" for Jamaica's economic recovery, which continues to boost Jamaica's tourism potential.

According to the minister, this was made possible thanks to the health and safety measures implemented across the country, which effectively limit the spread of coronavirus in busy tourist areas.

However, visitors should remember that the disease is still on the rise, with a record 6,407 new infections on January 9. With the immediate rise of Omicron, Americans must continue to follow CDC guidelines for international travel for special purposes. Event.

All international travelers are also advised to take out travel insurance before traveling abroad, which covers all risks and medical expenses associated with COVID-19, as the situation is constantly changing.


Access rules to Jamaica vary depending on the country you are visiting, your passport, and the purpose of your visit. In general, tourists from most Western countries, including Americans, can travel without a visa up to 72 hours after arrival after a negative COVID test.

Tourists can now use the Jamaica Tourist Council's online calculator to calculate the best time to complete the test. They must complete a Medical Travel Authorization online 72 hours prior to flight and at least 72 hours prior to landing.

While this does not require confirmation of vaccination, Jamaica requires, rather than testing, that all non-vaccinated travelers who do not live in the "tourist corridor" be quarantined 14 days after arrival. Vaccinated tourists are exempted from this requirement.

Visitors should wear masks when needed and follow social distancing signs while in Jamaica. For more information about tourist aisles and testing credentials, visit our COVID Usage Requirements page.

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