Read New Travel Restriction to visit Maldives

Read New Travel Restriction to visit Maldives

It is already known that the Maldives is among the most expensive holiday destinations in the world. But now, visiting the country is going to be more expensive. Courtesy, coronavirus, and a wide range of accompanying health and safety measures.

 The honeymoon hotspot is considering opening to international tourists on July 1. However, a statement issued by the Ministry of Tourism confirmed that the reopening will bring a series of new rules and regulations, which will create a deep gap in our already buried pockets.

 The Maldives is going to be more expensive due to the new travel rules

  Maldives Minister of Tourism Ali Wahid has proposed a possible new plan to reopen the country to tourism. According to The Telegraph, travelers who visit the country have to apply in advance for a tourist visa, which will cost huge $ 100. However, visas will only be granted to those who have confirmed reservations for at least 14 nights. This means that you must book a vacation in the Maldives for a minimum of 14 days.

 You will also have to purchase travel insurance for your trip. One week before your arrival, you will need to submit either a negative antigen test or a positive antibody. If you think this is the case, then the money doesn't stop here. When you finally arrive in the Maldive you will have to pay another $ 100 to test the PCR for the antigen at Malé Airport. You are then isolated in your room until you get your test results, which may take 3 to 12 hours. Why the crown Why

Marketing the Maldives as a safe tourist destination

The Maldives has closed its borders to foreign tourists since March 27. While this was a necessary step, it significantly affected its tourism-dependent economy. Tourism in the country is reported to account for 28% of its GDP and more than 60% of its foreign reserves. What an awesome hella!

 Therefore, in an effort to attract visitors, the Ministry of Tourism announced that the Maldives will distinguish itself as a "safe tourism" destination and a "COVID-free country". In an effort to do so, they developed some guidelines for safe tourism. Accordingly, all resorts in the Maldives will be required to have a stock of PPE equipment as well as a certified physician available at all times. The Maldives currently imposes travel restrictions against 12 countries. However, according to TTG Asia, the government can reopen its borders to regional traffic from Asia in the third quarter of 2020. Expatriates from Europe can be welcomed in October or November.

 On a final note, spending 14 days in the Maldives would be incredible. But then reality hits you and a big question flashes before your eyes. Where do you get all the sire?

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