Top five things to do in NUWARA ELIYA | Sri Lanka Travel Blog

Top five things to do in NUWARA ELIYA | Sri Lanka Travel Blog

So what is Nuwara Eliya? Nuwara means Light, Eliya means City, Nuwara Eliya means City of Lights. Like other parts of Sri Lanka, Nuwara Eliya was founded as a new city by the British and had a favorable climate for government employees and tea gardens – consider Darjeeling, Nainital and Shimla. However, unlike these places in India, Navara Eliya still retains its old world beauty and charm.

Nuwara Eliya park

1. Explore Nuwara Eliya

I will start your study with this book. It is a small place and you can do everything on foot. If you have a car park, park and walk to the main car park near City Square. I particularly liked the post office - it's a lovely old building that welcomes visitors and takes pictures. This is definitely a place to visit.

tea garden nuwara

2. Visit the tea garden

Nuwara Eliya is all about tea, the best way to enjoy tea is by visiting the tea garden and indulging in a tea tasting session. I visited Tamaro Tea Garden, one of the most popular tea brands in the area. The taste of tea is similar to the taste of wine, but better you can enjoy all kinds of tea and drive. Good Sri Lankan tea is very expensive, so this is the best way to buy tea.

seetha eliya

3. Seetha Eliya

Sri Lanka is closely associated with the Indian epic Ramayana, which was abducted by Ravana and imprisoned in Sri Lanka. Sita is believed to be the mother of Eliya in the country's Sita Temple. It is believed that Hanuman met Sita here and gave her Rama's ring as it was a part of Ashoka Veda.

Gregory Lake.

4. Gregory Lake.

Gregory Lake is a man-made lake designed to meet the growing water needs of the area as it has become a center for tea plantations. The Haleakala River flooded the lake and became active in 1873. Today it is a very popular place for locals and tourists like us. Boating, coffee and long walks are some of the activities that can be done here. The gardens are beautifully maintained and it is nice to walk around the pond.

sri lanka

5. Be a non-tourist.

My last recommendation for nuwara eliya is just chill and relax. This is one of those places you can really visit. You can walk long distances, sit in cafes, read books, make friends with locals and lead a lazy life. I couldn't do everything on this trip (then did with Candy, but that's another story for another day) and I want to get everything back.

Bonus Tip - Find fountains.

You have your car and an instant bonus tip if you want to move around the city. There are many waterfalls around and it is a must visit. We visited Ramboda Falls, an hour's drive from NUWARA ELIYA.

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