The Top Best Travelling Suitcase Bags Brands for Travellers

The Top Best Travelling Suitcase Bags Brands for Travellers

The quality of your luggage may make or break your trip, no matter where you're going or how frequently you travel. Each and every type of traveler needs a travel bag. It is a reliable companion that will enable you to transport all of your necessities and travel without concern. What else do you require if your suitcase also functions as a stylish fashion item? The appropriate bag selection is a difficult challenge, too. Customers have a wide range of choices thanks to the oversaturation of the market with numerous brands and goods. In order to assist you in making the best decision and simplify your travels.

Here, we've compiled a list of the top travel bag manufacturers. These brand names are the best ones to choose from if you're wanting to get a travel buddy for yourself.

  • American Tourister

American Tourister renowned travel bag

Traveling is made incredibly pleasant and hassle-free with American Tourister's renowned travel bags.  There are several possibilities available here. Regardless of what you're looking for, this brand will undoubtedly satisfy all your requirements.

Major characteristics of American Tourister bags:

The bags are made with the safety of your possessions in mind.

They are strong and sustain a lot of strain during transport.

Strength and reliability tests are conducted on each bag under actual usage situations.

Depending on the length and type of trip, there are various sorts of bags that they offer.


Additional space for packing.

Made with substance that are resistant to scratches and hits.

Ultra-lightweight design

Hidden TSA locking for unbreakable security

  • SafariExcellent Durability and longer use

As the name implies, Safari Bags are designed keeping a carefree journey for its users.  Being the second-largest seller in the world, it is one of the top travel bag manufacturers. Safari travel bags are one of the best choices as it helps you in occasionally traveling for work or for pleasure.

Significant Characteristics of the Safari Bags:

The luggage is specifically made to provide excellent durability and longer use.

They have extended handles and wheels for convenient transportation.

They are made with an adjustability that works for both short trips as well as long distances.

The company sells a variety of items, including wheeled bags, suitcases, backpacks, and travel bags.


Large and Light
Unusual, eye-catching rollers design
Interiors with a Color Scheme
Highly Secured

  • VIP

Second largest brand

The largest producer of luggage and travel accessories in India is VIP Industries. It is the second-largest maker in the world and has its headquarters in Mumbai, India. The brand has more than 8,000 retail locations around the nation and is well known for its high-quality goods and convenient accessibility. People who prefer to travel in style choose this brand because of its wide selection of stylish products.

Significant Characteristics of the VIP Bags:

VIP bags stand out for having been created with the utmost care to withstand heavy use and provide great durability.

For a hassle-free vacation, VIP offers luggage with extended handles, wheels, and comfortable straps.

The company sells stylish design bags that seem sophisticated and let you make a fashion statement wherever you go.

This luggage is dependable and practical for both lengthy and short trips.


Huge in size
Inventive styles
Different sizes are offered

  • Skybagswide variety of high-quality bags

Skybags held the top position in the world for almost 50 years. It produces a wide variety of high-quality products, including trolleys, backpacks, rucksacks, duffels, everyday travel accessories, and necessities for short trips. This brand is unquestionably the best option for anyone who enjoy making a fashion statement wherever they go.

Significant Characteristics of the  Skybags:

The bags are fuss-free and require little care for long-term use, which is one of its standout characteristics.

Products from Skybags include vivid and distinctive patterns to give a traveler's personality some edge.

These bags are appropriate for both frequent and light travelers.

These premium travel bags are quite affordable and loaded with top-notch utilitarian features.


Enables simple packing.
A large building.
Exceptionally light.
Permanent combination lock.

  • DelseyStylish travel accesssories

French company Delsey produces travel items and luggage. Its main office is in the Paris district of Tremblay-en-France. This company specializes in creating stylish travel accessories and luggage that outperform those made by competitors. Before being introduced to the market for sale, its bags are put through quality checks and are strong yet lightweight.

Significant Characteristics of the Delsey Bags:

Delsey Bags' standout qualities include an extensive selection of travel necessities, including luggage, backpacks, hard suitcases, school bags, briefcases, and more.

Delsey is the best brand to choose if you want comfort and value in one product.

The company makes products with 100% recycled cloth since it is committed to sustainable growth.

Its travel bags are useful, roomy, and light, making them simple to transport wherever you go.


Simple and safe packaging.
Organize with even spacing.
Several shades are available.
Convenient to Carry.